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Breaker panels, electrical panels or breaker boxes: a steel box holding many circuit breakers wired to different circuits that distribute different levels and types of power throughout your entire home. They essentially turn the power off and on to your home which is why their installation and repair should be handled by a trained professional. At GCESI, we know the ins and outs of the different kinds of panels and can work to ensure yours is up to code and functioning properly.

Main Electrical Panels & Sub Panels

For your electric panel needs, choose the team that has years of experience in providing quality residential electrical services to our clients, and always maintaining our mission of going above and beyond! We offer free estimates, and we are standing by to assist you with any electrical problem from large to small. Don't wait to get started today with GCESI!

Electrical Upgrades

Electrical code updates ensure energy efficiency, they act as a safeguard against hazardous risks, and they help improve the longevity of your home. At GCESI we know that taking precautions before an emergency is the main way to avoid a costly fix. Our trained professionals will come to your home and update your entire home to ensure it is up to standards and functioning at its maximum capacity.


Proper lighting also adds value! However, if you’re unaware of how to properly install your light fixtures, you could end up with more than you bargained for. Instead, call GCESI—we’re trained and tested when it comes to light fixture installation and we have a track record of success. That way, your home can shine bright and beautiful, without the risk.

Circuit Installation & Updates

Dedicated circuits provide safety for your home. Major appliances draw a large amount of electrical current. A dedicated circuit allows them to access the energy they need without blowing fuses or overloading your home’s electrical system. At GCESI we have over three decades of experience working with circuits and are capable of installing or repairing them in your home.

Pools &
Hot tubs

We also help with wiring for your pool and hot tub install. We help create a safe environment with the correct wiring and install for pools and hot tubs.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Surge protection can limit the voltage by shorting the electricity to ground or completely blocking the excess voltage that tips the safety scale. At GCESI we are tested, knowledgeable experts when it comes to surge protection and are confident in our ability to control the voltage of your home or office.